Charlotte and Dom are well established teachers bringing yoga

to over 300 people per week in the Bristol community.We offer

a variety of yoga classes in Clifton, Redland and Southville. We

also run relaxing yoga retreats for the ultimate yoga




Private Yoga Tuition 


Charlotte and Dom are available for one-on-one yoga tuition for those

who require a more personal space for their yoga practice.


Private tuition is a great way of getting 100% attention to your

particular needs.


Charlotte and Dom have years of experience helping many people

including rock-stars, celebs, stressed-out city workers, cancer

patients..., with lack of flexibility, strengthsleep, sluggish

digestion, nervous tension, stress etc...

They have the yoga techniques you need!


Price: £45 for a private session in the Bristol area.



If you book 5 private sessions the price is £200 that's just £40

per session!


Venue: Private tuition can take place in the comfort of your own home

or at our home.


Call Charlotte on 07533 732 035 or Dom on 07817 493 327 or





Private Yoga Tuition for Sports Professionals


"Yoga is a great way for me to improve my athletic ability

with the flexibility and strength gains that can be made .

In Charlotte and Dom I have found two great teachers that

make yoga relaxing and fun ... I think yoga can benefit

almost everyone ... I have certainly seen dramatic

improvements through Dom and Charlottes style".




Charlotte and Dom are available for private yoga tuition to sports


They have experience in helping many athletes including fighters,

footballers, rowers, runners and more.

They have expert advice when it comes to tight hamstrings, hips

and groins!

Yoga can be extremely helpful in alleviating the tight muscles and

stiffness caused by the consistent training necessary to become a

professional athlete. 

Aside from the physical benefits, the positive mindset, improved

breathing and deep relaxation gained from a regular yoga practice

can also help increase performance, improve focus, reduce

injury and aid recovery.


Our aim is to help you achieve your full potential! 


We can design an individual yoga practice for your particular needs.

Charlotte and Dom are available individually or together to teach

either sports teams or single sports people. 


When Charlotte and Dom teach together a greater attention to detail

is gained. This works particularly well as one guides you through a

yoga practice while the other gives attention to adjustments.


Price: individual tutor £45

Price: both tutors £80

"As a physio and ultra distance trailrunner I have been aware of the benefits of yoga for several years. However the need for correct technique to gain the rewards of strength and flexibility is essential. After attending a class of Charlotte's I was immediately convinced that she has the expertise to empower those in her class to push themselves without leading to injury, focusing on good technique using effecting words and gentle hands.
I took the opportunity of a one to one session with Charlotte and felt it was more than worth it with her hands on correction and instruction. Charlotte gave me insight into moving and breathing that I would never have gained with my own practice.
I have also seen huge benefit from attending Charlotte's Saturday morning yoga class before doing a long hard run in the afternoon or Sundays."  


If you are a professional sports person and would like private tuition

or would like to discuss tuition for a sports team please

Call Dom on 07817 493 327 or email




Private Yoga Tuition for Pregnancy


Charlotte is available to show you safe and effective yoga

techniques to help you with pregnancy, labour and childbirth.  

Yoga is very beneficial during this phase in life. It helps keep the

body, mind and emotions in good condition. Yogic breathing and

meditation techniques help you to connect with your unborn baby.

Charlotte can show you safe ways to use your body to increase 

strength and flexibility and to keep a calm mind, which are

essential during labour.

Charlotte can also show you particular yogic breathing exercises

and positive thinking/meditation techniques that you can use 

during pregnancy, labour and childbirth to make the whole process a

happier and healthier experience.

Price: £45 for 1hr or £25 for half hour in the Bristol area.


If you book 5 x 1hr private sessions the price is £200 that's

just £40 per session!

Call Charlotte on 07533 732 035 for a friendly chat.