Hello and welcome to Yoga Bristol!

Charlotte and Dom are well established teachers bringing yoga  to

over 300 people per week in the Bristol community.We offer a variety

of yoga classes in Clifton, Redland and Ashton. We also run

relaxing yoga retreats for the ultimate yoga experience, and offer

one-to-one yoga tuition, personal trainingpregnancy yoga

classes and yoga workshops.


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"As a physio and ultra distance trail runner I have been aware of the benefits of yoga for several years. However the need for correct technique to gain the rewards of strength and flexibility is essential.

After attending a class of Charlotte's I was immediately convinced  that she has the expertise to empower those in her class to push themselves without leading to injury, focusing on good technique using effecting words and gentle hands.

I took the opportunity of a one to one session with Charlotte and felt it was more than worth it with her hands on correction and instruction. Charlotte gave me insight into moving and breathing that  I would never have gained with my own practice.

I have also seen huge benefit from attending Charlotte's Saturday morning yoga class before doing a long hard run in the afternoon or Sundays."  

Claire - physiotherapist

"Yoga is a great way for me to improve my athletic ability with the  flexibility and strength gains that can be made. In Charlotte and Dom I have found two great teachers that make yoga relaxing and fun... I think yoga can benefit almost everyone... I have certainly seen dramatic improvements through Dom and Charlotte's style."

Lee Johnson


"Splendid class on Monday. Thanks. Slowly but surely I progress from stiffness to stillness. Ahhh".



"I have just had a 1:1 yoga session with Charlotte and I am feeling totally rejuvenated, revived and energetic! It has made such a difference being able to talk to Charlotte about
each pose and as a result I now feel that I have moved on to the next level with my yoga practice.

Small differences in posture made a huge impact on the depths I was able to achieve...she took me to places I have never been before ...and it didn't hurt!!!

Thanks so much Charlotte for your never ending enthusiasm, sense of
calm and total commitment.

Much love , smiles and happiness"

Jeanette x

"It was lovely to see you again Charlotte. Your classes always have a positive effect on me!"

Love, Joyce 


"I had to adjust my computer screen since I started practicing yoga with Charlotte because my posture had realigned & lengthened so much. In fact, just the session yesterday has made my body feel somehow 'lighter' and more able to move again!"

Jane Smith, Clifton


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Yoga can help you in so many ways!

* Yoga follows 5 Principles; proper diet, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper

relaxation and positive thinking/meditation.

* If you introduce these 5 Principles into your life regularly then you will feel more

balanced mentally, emotionally and physically!

*A regular yoga practice can improve many things such as digestion, flexibility,

strength, posture, fertility, breathing, stamina, circulation, concentration, confidence

and may more...

*Yoga teaches you many techniques to relieve stress, depression, nervous tension,

negative attitudes and more...

*Yoga works on many levels with the aim of making you 'feel good' physically,

mentally and emotionally.

*You can begin to enjoy every aspect of life including the most challenging times a

you learn to let go and start to look and feel healthier, happier, fitter and become so

strong mentally that you start to see the world as a more positive place.

*You can start to be more comfortable with yourself and your surroundings. This

allows you to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

*Yoga teaches you to employ a positive mindset. As you begin to see the positive in

everything you will attract more positivity into your life.


If you follow the 5 Principles of Yoga in your daily life you will feel like a new person!

Why choose Charlotte and Dom?

Charlotte and Dom have been taught by the most renowned yoga teachers in

the world. They have an enthusiastic, fun and professional approach to passing on

the endless benefits of yoga.

Charlotte and Dom have experience with teaching yoga to a wide range of people

from rock-stars, celebrities, professional footballers to stressed out city workers to

children and cancer patients.

Charlotte and Dom's inspiration draws from their years of dedicated self practice,

where they have studied, extensively, which yogic techniques have been most

beneficial during the different stages of  their lives, understanding that life itself is a

reflection of oneself.  

Their popular weekly classes are taught in the best venues in Bristol, with uplifting

music, offering you a truly nourishing yoga experience.



Hire Charlotte and /or Dom for an event:

Charlotte and Dom always provide a fun and professional approach to teaching and

will consider any event. They are available for demonstrations, yoga in the work

place, private yoga tuition, yoga events, regular classes & workshops.

They currently bring yoga to offices, schools, clubs, weekly classes, retreats and


Call Charlotte on 07533 732 035 or email: mail@yogabristol.com

Charlotte and Dom incorporate all aspects of yoga in their teachings: control of

breath, postures, deep relaxation,meditation & positive thinking for a truly nourishing

& balancing effect to your mind, body & soul.

All courses and workshops can be booked online via Paypal!

Charlotte and Dom would love to hear from you!

Send an email to mail@yogabristol.com